Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Tenants

Breeze Property Management can help you through the process of finding and applying for a home.  Do you have a question about renting or want to know more about Breeze Property Management? The answers to some of our most frequently asked questions are below. If your question is not answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

How do I apply for a rental property from Breeze?
When you have viewed a property that you would like to rent, you can either fill in an online tenancy application form or get one from the Property Manager who showed you the property, or if you want to send us your requirements, we will endeavour to match you to a suitable property if we have one available.

Simply fill in our online tenancy application form here

What is your tenant screening process?
Breeze Property Management has a mandatory tenant screening process, which includes a thorough reference and credit check. The best references are from previous landlords and employers. Your background check will still include confirming your previous landlord details and rental history as well as validating your details via the Tenancy Information New Zealand (TINZ) database. If you have had a difficult landlord before and are worried about how it affects your chances, you can always talk to us about the circumstances. Be sure to include this with your application – it’s better to be up front than have us find out when we run our check.
How will I know if my rental property application is accepted?
Our aim is to respond to all applications within 12-24 hours. Timing is dependent on contacting your references. Once you have passed the background and reference check, we’ll contact you to confirm and send you through the paperwork and agree a time to go through the tenancy agreement with you and anyone else who will be on the lease.
What are the costs of moving into a Breeze rental property?
Breeze Property Management typically requires an advance rent payment of 1 weeks’ rent plus a bond equal to 3 weeks’ rent. A letting fee may also apply. The total cost is usually detailed on the rental property listing, or you can phone us to find out the exact amount.
Why do I need to pay a bond?
The Bond is an upfront payment that provides the landlord with security that can be used to cover unpaid rent, damage to the property (if it’s the tenant’s fault) or any claim relating to the tenancy. Although you pay the bond to us, by law we are required to lodge it with Tenancy Services, (part of Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment). You’ll receive verification that the payment has been lodged about a month after your tenancy starts. At the end of your tenancy we organise for your bond to be refunded to you. If there is any outstanding rent or damage to the property this is taken out of the bond and the balance is then paid to you.

You can read more about bond repayments and deductions on the Tenancy Services website.

What is in a tenancy agreement?
A Tenancy Agreement sets out your obligations as a tenant as well as the agreed conditions of your tenancy. Once the tenancy agreement is signed it is legally binding, so if you have any questions or you are unsure about something, make sure you ask us about it before you sign. Part of our job is making sure you understand everything that is in your Tenancy Agreement. The tenant and the Property Manager each gets a copy of the signed agreement to keep as a record.

What if I don’t pay my rent? Breeze Property Management are rigorous in checking that rents are paid on time. Many of our Property Owners have substantial financial commitments and it is our duty to immediately follow up and take all necessary action, on all late or missed rent payments. The tenancy agreement will specify how the rent is to be paid and when.

  • If you know you’ve missed a payment, or you’re having difficulty paying, contact Breeze Property Management immediately to let us know.
  • Pay whatever you can straight away. A part payment is better than nothing.
  • Don’t avoid or ignore your Property Managers calls or messages. Be honest, and let them work with you on a solution
Do I need insurance as a tenant?
You should arrange your own insurance to protect your contents and liability for damage to the landlord’s property. Your landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t protect your belongings. You’re liable for any damage you or your invited guests cause, intentionally or carelessly. Even if you aren’t named on the tenancy agreement, you should have a:

  • contents insurance policy to protect your belongings
  • personal liability policy to protect you from any careless damage you or your guests may cause to the property.

If an insurance company pays out a landlord for damage and believes you’re liable for that damage, the company may seek compensation from you. Personal liability insurance may protect you in this situation.

Is the condition of the property recorded before I move in?
Yes. We complete a Move-In Inspection Report that records the condition of the property just before you move in, so that you are not held responsible for any pre-existing issues. We take plenty of photos to go with the written report. A copy of this report will be provided to you. We recommend you do a walk-through before you start unpacking, to make sure everything matches with what is in the report.
How often do you carry out property inspections?
Breeze Property Management carry out regular inspections of your rental property. Inspections are carried out every 12-16 weeks and we give you plenty of notice advising when an inspection is due. You don’t have to be present for an inspection. Although we look at the general cleanliness of the property, and check the gardens and lawns are in good shape, we are mainly looking for maintenance issues and planning for future maintenance work. This is a good time for you to let us know if anything needs fixing. If you can’t be there, you can leave us a list of things you want checked out or attended to.
What happens if something breaks or needs fixing?
The sooner we know about a problem, the sooner we can get it sorted for you. If something needs fixing at your rental property, let us know and we will assess what repairs or maintenance is needed. Anything urgent that could cause further damage you need to let us know immediately by calling 0800 455622 so that we can get someone out there straight away.
How do I get my power, electricity, gas, telephone, TV and internet services connected?
Breeze Property are agents for Fast Connect. Fast connect offers an efficient, moving home service to assist you in connecting your home services. Whether you need new connections, disconnections or transfers of existing services, Fast Connect can get you connected with your providers of choice. Fast Connect saves you time and money with your utility connections due to their exclusive promotions and efficient moving team. Best of all, their service is free. To get in touch to see how Fast Connect can help contact 0800 88 55 99 or and quote our agent code 1566Z.
How much notice do I need to provide to end a tenancy?
The amount of notice that needs to be given to end a tenancy will depend on the type of tenancy agreement (Fixed term or Periodic tenancies). Fixed-term tenancies are for a specific length of time, for example 12 months, and cannot be ended by notice during the term of the tenancy unless mutually agreed between the landlord and tenant. If your circumstances do change and you have to move out, please contact us as soon as you can. We will advise the property owner, and at their discretion, they may let us find new tenants to replace you. In this instance an administration fee may apply. A fixed term tenancy automatically becomes a periodic tenancy upon expiry of the fixed term unless both parties agree to extend the fixed term. A tenant must give at least 21 days’ written notice to end a Periodic tenancy. A landlord must give at least 90 days’ written notice to end a Periodic tenancy, but can give less time (at least 42 days’ notice) in certain circumstances.

You can read more about ending a tenancy here

Who pays for Water charges?
It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay for the actual water consumption attributable to their occupation. Within the Kapiti region, water consumption is charged every quarter. According to the Kapiti Coast District Council (KCDC) website, water will be charged at $0.990 cents (incl. GST) per cubic metre (1,000 litres) of water used, measured by a dedicated water meter installed at each property.

How this will work in practice? The KCDC will only send Water Consumption invoices to the property owner or the owners appointed Property Manager. Upon receipt of the invoice, Breeze re-invoices tenants directly and we include a copy of the original KCDC invoice for reference. All water consumption invoices must be paid within 21 days.

Any other questions?

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